About Wildwood

Wildwood Log Cabins was established in 2000 with the intention to supply and construct proper log cabins. Based in Portadown, Co. Armagh it was started by, and continues to be run by Canadian born Dean Douglas. The range started with the rustic log, these cabins are completely measured, cut and built on-site, and this was then followed by the round log range and the planed log. Design and layout is very flexible and in all the years building cabins just about everyone has been different.

We have built cabins all over Ireland, as far north as Inverness in Scotland and South Wales. We have built so many different sizes and layouts it would take too long to give them all names so you will see some standard sizes, but they can be made just about any size. We believe strongly in customer service, and always recommend coming to see a few cabins and then letting us do a site visit to make sure everything is ok, and avoid problems when constructing.

My name is Pauline McNelis, I am a photographer from Ballygawley Co Tyrone. I looked at Wildwood log cabins in 2004. I met with Mr Dean Douglas the owner and we went to see a cabin he was working on. I was completely hooked when I saw it. The log cabin was so beautiful. After this meeting I immediately ordered my own cabin. Working with Dean and his co-workers was a complete pleasure. The cabin was built to what I specified, and wanted, with no problems whatsoever. It was ready exactly when Dean said it would be and all I had to do was turn the key and get on with starting to decorate. I have lived in my cabin now for quite a while and have had no real problems. Anything I have needed checked or looked at, Dean has done quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend Wildwood Log Cabins to anyone. I have a wonderful cosy home because of Wildwood Log cabins, and I could not be happier. They do an excellent job.